10 Best Backpack Pressure Washer Reviews In The Market 2021

Neat and clean surrounding ensures safe and healthy living. We all want our house, furniture and vehicles to look clean and fresh. But without any doubt, cleaning job is a tough one to maintain on a regular basis, if you are not technically that smart.

Regular washers might not work well while removing hard stains and cleaning narrow spaces. That’s why investing on a backpack pressure washer could be the best use of your money if you don’t want to compromise with the ease of cleaning.

In this article, we will be reviewing 9 best backpack pressure washers to give you a comparative analysis to let you decide which one you should invest upon.

Our 5 Favorite Backpack Pressure Washer

9 Backpack Pressure Washer Reviews

Whether you are looking for a pressure washer to clean your home, furniture, car or any other regular accessories, make sure you buy the one that suits your needs perfectly.

  1. 1. STANLEY SHP1600 Electric Pressure Washer

We are starting with a very lightweight and portable pressure washer from a well-known brand named Stanley. When you think of a backpack washer, you might get scared due to its heavy size that a lot of pressure washer companies offer. But this one from Stanley weighs just 16lbs only, ensuring a comfortable cleaning session always.

To clean your desired location with ease, it comes with all the popular basic accessories such as- spray gun, 20 feet high pressure hose which is flexible enough, extension lance, spray nozzle lance which is variable, 14oz detergent bottle and o- ring replacement altogether.

Talking about the power, it is equipped with a tri axial pump and universal motor that can deliver up to 1600 psi to clean the hardest stains, dirt, and mold out there.

The detergent gets pulled from 14oz onboard storage while you spray on surfaces. Due to its total stop system, the sprayer gets shut automatically when the trigger is not being engaged.

You can easily clean decks, siding, Pavement, cement, pools, cars, outdoor furniture, trucks, RVs, and much more with this pressure washer.


  •       Can deliver up to1600 psi for easy cleaning
  •       Lightweight and portable
  •       Comes with a powerful motor and pump


  •       Not an ideal choice for vehicle washing

2. Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer w/Water Tank

The next washer in our list comes from a brand called Ivation which is designed to be a multipurpose, lightweight, standalone and portable spray washer. This portable unit allows you to turn 4.5 gallons of water into a washing system which can be taken literally anywhere you want.

Coming with 130.5 psi capacity, it is not basically designed to be a high pressure washer, rather it is made for places where there is scarcity of water and high water pressure is not mandatory. You will still have a gentle, nice stream of water flow which is enough useful and manageable in real life.

Worried about the power? Well, this compact washer offers you a 12V battery which is rechargeable and you can even use it when there is no power cord or water hose available. Moreover, it can be charged by using the car port of your vehicle and a home plug system is obviously there.

To make it a convenient pick, it is equipped with a hose, water tank which is removable, power cord, spray gun, brush head, charger, adjustable shoulder strap, shower head, and 4 sealing rings.

Whether you are planning to shower on a hike, water your garden or wash your vehicle and pets, this multipurpose unit gives you such numerous possibilities.


  •       Lightweight and portable unit
  •       Multipurpose use
  •       Comes with a rechargeable battery


  •       Comes with a low psi capacity

3. Greenworks GPW1802 Pressure Washer

If you are looking for a compact package where power is aligned with pressure to give you the ultimate cleaning session, then the next pick is exactly for you. Coming with a 13A universal powerful motor, it can provide up to 1800 psi pressure, so that you can easily clean the toughest stains out there.

To ensure maximum cleaning power, it can use 1.1 gallon of water every minute. The 35 inch power cord allows you to enjoy safe and convenient cleaning with a highly functioning hose reel. Moreover, with the fast wand attachment connection in a rack which is built in, your nozzles will not be misplaced anymore.

It is also equipped with telescoping handles and rear wheels which are 5 inches in size, ensuring mobility and ease while cleaning your desired surface. It’s a great pick for those who are looking for medium duty applications such as washing cars, windows, bikes, decks, outside furniture and other things of your house.


  •       Comes with 13A powerful universal motor
  •       Can deliver up to 1800 psi
  •       Equipped with 35 inch power cord
  •       Fast wand attachment


  •       The build quality is not strong enough

  1. 4. Greenworks GPW2005 Pressure Washer

Well, the name might seem similar and it is from the same brand Greenworks, but definitely it comes with some significant differences and worth having in our list. The most important significance of this unit compared to the previous one is, its psi capacity.

This pressure washer from Greenworks is more powerful and can deliver up to 2000 psi for a thrilling cleaning session. Again coming back with a 13A powerful motor, this time the water tanker is giving you something slightly extra with 1.2 gallons every minute.

With the help of high pressure soap or detergent applicator, you will be enjoying a quick and convenient cleaning session without any doubt. To provide you with ease of mobility around your place, it is also equipped with wheels and telescoping handles.

You know it well, 35 inch power cord offers you a convenient and safe experience while cleaning your decks, vehicles, windows and furniture. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about nozzles misplacement as it comes with a fast wand attachment in a built in rack.


  •       Comes with 2000 psi capacity
  •       Equipped with 13A powerful motor
  •       Wheels, telescoping handles and 35 inch power cord ensure easy and convenient cleaning


  •       Not a durable package to last long

5. Ivation Multipurpose Washer with 2200 MAH Lithium Battery

So, we are again coming back with another option from the same brand that we have listed previously, Ivation for sure. Though Ivation doesn’t offer you high pressure washers, all the other features make them worthy enough to be considered seriously.

This multipurpose spray washer can provide you 40 minutes of ongoing spraying action with its 4.5 gallons of rechargeable tank. As it comes with a 2200 MAH rechargeable lithium battery, with a full charge, you can continue your cleaning session for 6 minutes at a stretch with 16 gallons of soapy water supply at a time.

To provide you a perfect operation, it is equipped with 130 psi capacity based a powerful motor that can clean all the dirt from your cleaning object. Ivation didn’t compromise with their sprayer quality, as it is basically a metal sprayer for heavy duty performance.

The nozzle trigger is designed to give you pretty good control over tough spots. To let you move around the cleaning space easily, there also comes a 20 foot long hose which is flexible enough. Moreover, it’s a portable option to go with even though it comes with so many bonus accessories.


  •       40 minutes of continuous cleaning session
  •       Comes with powerful 2200 lithium rechargeable battery
  •       Metal sprayer with heavy duty performance


  •       Not suitable for washing objects that need high pressure
  •       Build quality is not up to the mark

  1. 6. Ekcellent Electric Power Washer with 5000 PSI

Looking for something more powerful irrespective of the budget? Then, say hello to our next pick from Ekcellent Electric, which is a heavy duty performer without a second thought. Coming with an 1800 W powerful copper motor, it can generate up to 5000 psi with 4 GPM to provide you pretty efficient cleaning.

Surprisingly, this strong unit offers you fast connection spray tips where you can maximize and minimize the pressure according to your surface cleaning need. To make it more convenient, there comes an onboard tank for storing soapy water.

A 26 inch hose pipe is equipped with this pack which is quite long enough to solve your cleaning movement problem. It is even easy to store in its reel. To save your machine from getting overheated, it comes with a smart thermal sensor as well.

Moreover, it has a total stop system that automatically stops the pump when your trigger is out of engagement. Overall, it is specially designed to clean grease spots from concretes, road tar, tree sap, insect splats, heavy rust or oil stains etc.


  •       Comes with 5000 psi high capacity
  •       1800 W powerful motor ensures effective cleaning
  •       Equipped with thermal sensor to save from overheating
  •       Has total stop system


  •       Doesn’t actually provide 5000 psi as they claim

  1. 7. EDOU 2200 Psi Electric Pressure Washer

We are slowly coming down to our bottom list and this time it’s an electric pressure washer from Edou. Whether you want to clean your house, car, driveway, deck, lawn accessories or patios, this pressure washer works like an ideal choice for all of these purposes.

Have a decent cleaning performance with this power washer that can deliver 2200 psi max. It also comes with 1.6 GPM that blasts through dirt and stains to offer you a clean and fresh surface. Equipped with a powerful motor, it ensures a stable performance for long and the upright design makes it a portable pack for easy movement.

To ensure safety, they have featured a total stop system in the machine as it stops right when the trigger doesn’t engage. There is also a built in filter that prevents blockage and filter impurities.

Keeping in mind the necessity of convenience, Edou included a power washer gun and wand for controlling 5 sprays, different spray angled nozzles, soap applicator, pressure hose and 35 foot power cord.

Their lifetime after sale service adds an extra advantage compared to other available options in the market.


  •       Comes with 1.6 GPM that can deliver up to 2200 psi max
  •       TSS ensures convenience of usage
  •       Equipped with multiple necessary accessories
  •       Life time after sale service


  •       Handles fit is loose

  1. 8. Mrliance 3600PSI 2.4GPM Electric Pressure Washer

In our second last pick, we have come up with another powerful electric pressure washer from the brand named Mrliance. It is equipped with a powerful 1800 W universal motor that can generate up to 3600 psi max for a rough and hard cleaning session at 2 GPM water flow.

This powerful washer offers you adjustable nozzles for a convenient experience for different surfaces. There are 4 different fast connection tips for spraying, because of which you can manage the pressure from high to low end according to your need. The removable detergent tank allows you to clean dirt effectively in minutes.

To give you easy movement access with the machine, there comes a 26 ft long pressure hose which is usually stored in a hose reel to protect it from being damaged. Moreover, it has a 33 ft power cord and a total stop system to offer you a safe cleaning journey all the way without a worry.

Worried about the leakage of water? Well, they have included a professional hose connector for the brass garden to maintain the highest temperature up to 104° F to solve this very problem.


  •       Can deliver up to 3600 psi max
  •       Adjustable nozzles allow you to manage the pressure
  •       Professional hose connector to prevent water leakage


  •       Doesn’t provide exact psi as they claim

  1. 9. Greenworks PWF301 40V Cordless Pressure Washer

So, we are about to end this series of pressure washers with our last pick again from Greenworks. If you are not looking for a higher range of pressure washer, rather searching for a light duty performer with decency, then this can make its way to your home.

This is a battery power cordless washer that is mostly suitable to clean your boat, RV, ATV, and much more. Coming with a 40 V battery, it can provide you up to 800 psi which is enough for light duty operations. They have also included a USB battery which is 4 AH for your convenience of usage.

Talking about its removable bucket feature, you can remove it using the handles when needed and add water from nearby sources for continuing your cleaning session for long. You can also connect it to a standard hose of your lawn or garden to keep going with your operation.

Moreover, there comes a fast wand connection that is aligned with soap dispenser nozzles for comfortable pressure control.


  •       Ideal for light duty cleaning operation
  •       A cordless option to go with
  •       The bucket is removable for convenience


  •       Not ideal for those who need powerful action for cleaning tough stains

Backpack Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Backpack Pressure Washer

Before you finally decide to invest your money on a pressure washer, you must consider few important key factors to get a value for money experience.


As you are looking for a backpack pressure washer that means, it must be a lightweight and portable option without compromising the quality. Not all the available pressure washers are the same in terms of burdening your back with less weight. Some may feel heavy, some others might turn out to be lighter one.

So, when you hit the market, make sure your desired one feels comfortable on your back and the weight doesn’t bother you with full storage.

Power and Pressure

Pressure washer simply can be defined as a washer that is a combination of good power with high water pressure. If you are looking for a dedicated option to clean hard stains and tough spots from your desired surface, then make sure your one is equipped with a powerful motor along with a high water pressure capacity.

Otherwise, your investment will be a loss project, as low or mid duty performers won’t be able to stand your requirements. On the other hand, if you are not aiming for something like this, then there’s no point of spending your money on higher range products. It can be easily done with mid or low range washers that can deliver decent psi and power.


There are some key aspects you have to consider to ensure safety in your pressure washer. One of them is the system of nozzles, some washers come with replaceable nozzles and some others are equipped with adjustable ones.

Nozzles basically maintain the angle and focus of your water spraying. It’s better to go with the adjustable nozzles system as it doesn’t require extra effort and provides you ease and convenience. To ensure safety, make sure you never use the red or zero degree setting before spraying your water.

Another important aspect to ensure safety is, if your machine has some overheating issue when you keep using it for long. Some pressure washers come with thermal sensors and safety systems to prevent overheating, it’s better to pick such ones.

But, it’s also safe to pick other options in which you don’t have to spray for long, as it doesn’t create overheating issues that easily.


Price is something we all consider while buying anything from anywhere, pressure washer is not of a difference. There are high, mid and low range products in the market, in terms of price. Make sure, you buy the one that suits your affordability and doesn’t compromise with the quality.

Most of our pressure washers are low and mid-range products, keeping the concern of the mass. You can pick any of them based on the combination of other important features you must need in a pressure washer.

Backpack Pressure Washer FAQs

What PSI is best for pressure washing?

Ans. While the market is flooded with options that can offer from 800- 5000 psi, it’s better to choose a pressure washer that is capable of providing psi between 1300- 1700. And, it would be better to have at least 1.5 GPM water flow. If you want a convenient experience, make sure your pressure washer comes within such psi range.

Can you lower psi on pressure washer?

Ans. Yes, you can lower psi on most of the electric pressure washers along with a very few gas powered pressure washers too. It can be done by using a VPS wand, so if your pressure washer has such a feature, you will be able to do so. This helps you to regulate the water flow from high to low and low to high vice versa.

What is the strongest electric pressure washer?

Ans. The strongest electric pressure washer in the market available now is ‘Ultimate Washer’ which can deliver up to 72500 cleaning units (PSI x GPM). The answer might differ based on upcoming new upgraded models that are hitting the market every now and then. The more the price, the more the strength and the power.

How do I pressure wash without a pressure washer?

Ans. There are several alternatives for pressure washer. Among them, using a heat gun is mostly suitable for this very purpose of removing hard stains and tough spots. So, if you own a heat gun and don’t want to invest bucks on a pressure washer, then you better wash those tough surfaces with your heat gun.

Is 2000 psi safe for washing a vehicle?

Ans. Basically, when you aim to wash your car with a pressure washer, it’s better to have psi between 1300-1900 and the GPM should be between 1.4-1.6. But, if your washer is equipped with 2000 psi, then things can get a little harsh. As high pressure means strong force, it can ruin your car’s paint.

So, make sure you buy one which is offering at least less than 2000 psi.

Final Words

In this hyper tech world, companies are coming up with the latest technologies to make our life much easier and comfortable that we could never think before. When it comes to cleaning hard and tough spots attached to surfaces, things can get too tiresome if we don’t go for such an advantage of using backpack pressure washer.

We believe this article gave you enough understanding to pick your desired pressure washer for ultimate cleaning home and outdoor.

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