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Electricians have the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that electrical systems are properly-maintained. They, therefore, need practical tools and equipment to achieve this. One of the tools that any electrician needs to have is a best circuit analyzer.

What are circuit analyzers? These are unique devices utilized for testing and identifying problems in wiring systems. These issues might lead to complications such as electric shock, fire, or even equipment malfunctioning.

There are several circuit analyzers out there that come along with different features. To find the best circuit analyzer in the market, you will need to read through the review below. It promises to highlight some of the fantastic tools with the most outstanding features. Look at it below.

Our Favorite Circuit Analyzer

5 Best Circuit Analyzer Reviews- 2021

1. IDEAL Industries Inc. 61-164 SureTest Circuit Analyzer

IDEAL INDUSTRIES INC. 61-164 SureTest Circuit Analyzer, CATIII for 300v

Since its inception, IDEAL Industries Inc has been well respected for its high-quality products. The firm released the IDEAL Industries Inc. 61-164 SureTest circuit analyzer around 15 years ago to provide electricians with superb services.

The 15.87-ounce tool has dimensions estimated to be around 10 by 8 by 12 inches.

Features & Benefits:

Double insulation: This suretest circuit analyzer is double insulated. Therefore, any user of this appliance is protected from possible electrical shock. It generally shuns the external casing from any chances of becoming alive. You do not need an earth connection when you have an ideal surest circuit analyzer.

It has accessories: The IDEAL Industries Inc. 61-164 circuit analyzer comes with multiple accessories after purchase. You get the plugin 3 pong indicator and a handle to locate the breaker board’s circuit breaker. Also, it comes with a soft case to assist in carrying the circuit analyzer and the cord.

Voltage rating: This tool is most suitable for 120 Volt AC circuits.

Compatibility: If you have only worked with standard breakers, do not worry when using the IDEAL Industries Inc. 61-164 circuit breaker with other breakers. The tool is well compatible with the AFCI breakers.


  • It identifies the presence of a bootleg.
  • It detects a standard incandescent with an on a light fixture.
  • It discovers on circuit outlet accurately.
  • It tests installed outlets and pinpoint errors.
  • It is simple to use.
  • It has a sturdy and superior design.


  • It needs the power to operate.
  • Easy to forget to turn the probe off.
  • It is a pricey tool.


2. Sperry Instruments VD7504GFI Circuit Analyzer

Sperry Instruments VD7504GFI DualCheck 2-in-1 Non-Contact Voltage Detector + GFCI Outlet Circuit Analyzer, 360° Visual & Audible Indicators, 50-1000V AC, 250 lb. Crush Rating

The Sperry Instruments VD7504GFI circuit analyzer is a 0.32-ounce tool manufactured by Actuant. This high-quality tool comes with zinc batteries for its users. The 1 LR44 batteries are typically included during your purchase.

The Sperry Instruments VD7504GFI circuit analyzer has estimated measurements of 8.4 by 3.7 by 0.6 dimensions.

Features & Benefits:

Sensitive: This non-contact voltage tester is useful when discovering live wires. You can easily tell apart the wire modes. However, you can only notice a live wire when it is one or two inches away. Also, it discovers 50-600V AC and 50-60Hz.

Time-efficient: The Sperry-Instruments-VD7504GFI circuit analyzer will save much of your time. It produces green light when everything is good. Hence, it makes it easier to read it with just a mere look before proceeding on into the next outlet.

Has appealing accessories: The tool has multiple accessories, which is advantageous to your services. Its handle is massive and easy to grip. You will not have struggles with its length. It is simple for plugging in and pulling out during your endeavors.

Increased durability: The electric tool has features that will make it last for a long while. It has Hi-Impact resistant polycarbonate housing and a softer rubber grip that is over-molded.


  • Perfect and simple testing electric tool for business.
  • It has a bright color; easy to locate.
  • Has a decent battery.
  • Has an ergonomic design.


  • Not durable. It may last for a few months.
  • Cannot detect dc voltage.
  • The ground prong might be loose.
  • Favors homeowners more than professionals.


3. MASTECH LCD Circuit Analyzer

MASTECH LCD Circuit Analyzer MS5908A Low Voltage Distribution Line Fault Tester RCD GFCI Sockets AC100-240V

Are you an electrician with great desires for a quick fault location? This is the tool for you. The Mastech LCD circuit analyzer is a high-performing tool designed explicitly for low-voltage distribution electric lines.

The tool might weigh 1.3 pounds with size dimensions of 7.68 by 3.15 by 1.38 inches.  Read below for some existing features and benefits.

Features & Benefits:

High accuracy: The Mastech LCD circuit analyzer provides you with accurate measurements. It can discover electric complications caused by fire, shock, equipment malfunction within seconds. You can use the ideal RMS values to estimate the AC voltage.

Multi-purpose tool: This circuit analyzer offers you multiple functions. It can estimate the phase voltage, ground voltage, peak voltage, frequency, and neutral.

With it, you can discover the 3-wire socket connection mode. The neutral is generally on the left, the live one on the right, and the grounded wire. Its primary purpose is to test how reliable the RCD (Residual Current Device) and the response action time. Plus, it measures how you can rely on the GFCI action and its response action time.

Effective design: The Mastech LCD circuit analyzer has an incredible humanized design. It has a backlight function and a higher capability for data retention. This circuit analyzer has a covered surface material that shuns from collision damages.


  • Portable design; convenient to carry around.
  • Significant for testing.
  • Easily locates faulty in GFCI outlets.
  • Identifies loose and wrong wiring.


  • It might be complicated to use for the first time.
  • No batteries are included.


4. AC100-240V RMS Circuit Analyzer

Circuit Analyzer, AC100-240V RMS Circuit Analyzer Tester MASTECH MS5908A/MS5908C LCD LCD Circuit Analyzer, Voltage GFCI RCD Fault Tester (US Plug)

The AC100-240V circuit analyzer is an excellent voltage tester that any electrician would die for. The product estimates to have 19.5 by 7.5 by 3.3 centimeters dimensions.

The tool has a spout height of 1 centimeter and a GFCI triggering current that ranges from 6mA to 9mA. Some of its other features may include:

Features & Benefits:

Multi-purpose tool: The AC100-240V RMS circuit analyzer measures phase voltage, neutral wiring, peak voltage, frequency alongside the voltage to earth.

Socket connection: You can use this magical piece to discover the 3-wire socket connection mode. It detects the neutral wire for the left and the live wire for the right. Also, it checks for the presence of the earth wire.

Artificial load: The circuit load tester measures the AC voltage. Plus, it loads the 12A, 15A, and 20A. The circuit analyzer measures any drop in the wiring.


  • Useful impedance readings for the hot, neutral, and live wires.
  • Significant testing for standard and GFCI breakers.
  • Most suitable for DIY.
  • Its quality is worth the price.
  • Simple to use.


  • Not useful to locate the proper isolation breaker.


5. GFCI Tester RMS Circuit Analyzer

Circuit Analyzer, GFCI Tester RMS Circuit Analyzer Tester, RCD Tester for Measuring Phase Voltage Measuring Peak Voltage Measuring Neutral Wire(MS5908A)

Jingyig manufactures this GFCI Tester RMS circuit analyzer. It weighs around 1.47 pounds and has product dimensions of 7.68 by 3.15 by 1.38 inches.

Some of its features and advantages might include:

Features & Benefits:

Reliable: The circuit analyzer is a great tool to test the leakage protection devices and their response action time. They include the RFID and the GFCI. It measures frequency, peak voltage, phase voltage, and the neutral wire. The product is a TRMS measuring AC voltage.

3-wire socket connection: The GFCI Tester RMS circuit analyzer identifies the 3-wire socket connection modes. It discovers the neutral wire for the left and the live wire for the right. Plus, it identifies if the earth wire is present or not.

Artificial load: It loads 12A, 15A, and 20A. The MS5908A circuit analyzer product model measures possible wire dropping. Conversely, the MS5908C product artificially loads 5A, 8A, and 10A.


  • Has both backlight function and data retention functionalities
  • Outstanding testing tool for GFCI and RCD.
  • Has a great design for the AC-Voltage distribution line.
  • Easily locates faults and electric complications.


  • Complicated to use at first.
  • It might be pricey for economy users.


Best Circuit Analyzer Buying Guide

When it comes to a circuits that connect your main house to other outlets, it would be best to take precautions by purchasing the right equipment and tools. Most of us want controllable and effective voltage drop and fewer complications resulting from electrical complications.

Electrical issues such as equipment malfunctions might pose a threat to our day-to-day activities. Most contractors and electricians do their best to find these issues before they showcase themselves to the end-users. They achieve this by utilizing things such as receptacle testers. This equipment, however, only verifies the wiring and tests the GFCI.

The significant new electric items in town, circuit analyzers, are the great deals. Circuit analyzers can meet the receptacle purposes besides verifying the integrity of the wiring until to the panel.

There is a diverse pool of sophisticated and simple-to-use circuit analyzers out there in the market. These tools vary in features, design, functionalities, prices, and even add accessories. Depending on your job type, spanning from rewiring to home renovation, you can pick your choice that might satisfy your needs perfectly.

You might consider a top circuit analyzer by considering its quality or its testing power. Most individuals might prefer tools that offer both GFCI and standard breaker testing. Others might go for circuit analyzers with effective voltage distribution within the AC. Or devices that help in shielding you from power surges.

Have you heard of the Camco circuit analyzer? This electric device shuns your RV from emergency power surges. A popular model from this manufacturer is the Camco PowerDefender circuit analyzer.

The product version comes with the LED feature that sends alerts when your electric wire has faulty. It has clear instructions and guidelines that explain the meanings of the different lighting conditions.

Overall, to purchase the best circuit analyzer, you might need to consider the following:

Ease of use

Your experience while using the circuit analyzer is quite important. Before settling on a product, first, test its simplicity during operation. There is no need for purchasing a tool that will be difficult to use or complicated to remember how to use it.

Some circuit analyzers might be complicated for the first time. But with time, you become a pro depending on your frequency.

Have realistic needs

There exist different circuit analyzers for different needs. Your tool of choice needs to surpass your specific wants to become useful. You might consider checking on the additional needs after meeting the standard ones.

A circuit analyzer with high reliability and accuracy is what you should consider the most. In case you are not certain about your particular needs, it would be best to consult a specialist online or at the nearest store for solid advice.


Quality is primary concern in-circuit analyzers. The existing tools have varying qualities. You might consider something with increased quality during your purchase. It will assure you of the incredible performance and accurate measurements. Besides, the circuit analyzer will save much of your time while on duty.

Final Verdict

Most contractors rank circuit analyzers at their top priorities list. They consider them useful in protecting their clients from electrical hazards like fire and electric shock, threatening human lives.

This circuit analyzer review has pointed out the best circuit analyzers in the market. It ranks the IDEAL Industries Inc. 61-164 SureTest as the leading circuit layer in the market. It would be best to go through the piece and have all the insightful information at your fingertips.

Also, remember to pay more attention to the key concepts outlined in the buying guide. It will help you pick the right product before making a purchase move on the online or physical store.

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