Best Top Handle Chainsaw Reviews

Whether you are an ordinary homeowner or a career plumber, you will find a chainsaw a worthwhile piece of equipment to possess. This wonderful item may prune, shred, cut, and splinter wood and other kinds of vegetation. To make an appropriate choice, get the guidance to that effect.Our team of passionate and experienced researchers has done a great job of compiling the information you need about the best top handle chainsaw. It presents all these in the form of a review and a buying guide. Read through the discussions below to receive that very inspiration.

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Benefits Of Using Top Handle Chainsaw

  • Cheapens the trimming and cutting tasks
  • Reduces the effort you would need to achieve the same end
  • Makes the tasks of trimming and pruning more enjoyable
  • Leads to more uniform cutting outcomes and patterns
  • Useful in all-weather conditions and circumstances of use
  • Cuts down the time you would otherwise waste

Best Top Handle Chainsaw Reviews 2019

#1: DEWALT DCCS620P1 20V MAX Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Compact 12 in. Cordless Chainsaw Kit (5AH)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit, 5-Ah Battery, 12-Inch (DCCS620P1)

Looking for a chainsaw for your building and construction tasks? Think no other than this one! It is super strong and more likely to provide the support you want!

High-efficiency Brushless Motor

A high-efficiency brushless motor stands tall among the list of the most awesome features of this chainsaw. The motor maximumly uses the runtime to deliver awesome performances.

Tool-free Knob

To clamp and set your chainsaw appropriately, the equipment comes along with a tool-free knob. You use it to tension the chain and tighten the knobs,, respectively.

Compact and Lightweight Design

On all accounts, this chainsaw is both light and compact. It weighs a paltry 8.8 pounds and hence guarantees your maximum comfort and user controls.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Impressive chain speed of around 25.2 feet per second
  • Comprises an auto oiling system for on-the-go lubrication
  • Its oil level indicator keeps you posted during your use
  • Beeps to draw to your attention the need to change the oil
  • Endures many impacts and external forces

Negative Side

  • Costly to come by

#2: Makita XCU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 12″ Chain Saw Kit with 4 Batteries (5.0Ah)

Makita XCU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 12' Chain Saw Kit with 4 Batteries (5.0Ah)

Intending to work in an environment sensitive to noise? Choose and make do with a chainsaw that is noiseless. This one produces only 87 decibels of noise output and is hence a good choice.

“Tool-less” Chain Adjustment

Unlike the other chainsaws, this one does not require the use of any tool to adjust. Instead, it requires only the input of the expertise. You may hence count on it to operate and maintain more conveniently.

12-inch Guide Bar

The chains run along a guide bar that measures 12 inches. Being longer than the many others, the guide bar makes for increased capacity of cutting. This sees to it you cut larger areas within a shorter time.

Makita-built Motor

At its core is the Makita-built motor. This one delivers a whopping 1, 650 feet per minute of cutting speed. Thanks to this arrangement, you get to enjoy faster and more expedited cutting outcomes.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Zero emissions because of battery power
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Halted by an electric brake
  • Suffers limited downtime
  • Comes ready for use

Negative Side

  • Need some expertise to operate the device

#3: Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine

Being third in the list, Some cutting undertakings are way too hard to manage. Choose and make use of an equally agile and sophisticated cutting chainsaw. It allows for smooth and easy use.

Pure Fire Engine

It draws its power from a pure fire engine that is rated 32.2 cubic centimeters. Given the awesome power of this engine, expect the machine to use a limited amount of fuel yet deliver powerful performances.

Half-throttle Choke

To start the machine up, engage the half-throttle choke. This one guarantees smooth starting even when environmental conditions are too cold to permit the same.

Automatic Gear-driven Oiler

You will not have to lubricate the moving parts on your own. Instead, you will rely on an automatic gear-driven oiler to do the trick. This one provides for faster and more convenient chain adjustments.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Dampens the vibrations to deliver maximum comfort
  • Lets you climb easily courtesy of the built-in lanyard ring
  • Possesses an outstanding power-to-weight ratio which reduces fatigue
  • Gives off higher productivity outputs
  • Starts easily even when the environmental conditions do not permit

Negative Side

  • Not for the beginners

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#4: Hitachi CS33EDTP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Top Handle Chain Saw with PureFire Engine, 14-Inch

Hitachi CS33EDTP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Top Handle Chain Saw with PureFire Engine, 14-Inch

Are you are a frequent user of these chainsaws? Choose one that is multipurpose. Well, this best value chainsaw is great for hobby work, shaping, and pruning. It is in your best interest to prioritize it hence.

Gas-powered 2-stroke Engine

The chain draws its cutting power from a gas-powered 2-stroke engine. Though powered by gas, the engine is powerful enough to take on complex chores. It complies with the CARB standards.


As part of the engine’s power, it delivers the impressive 1.6 horsepower which also brings along lower emissions and excellent performances. Expect it to do a better job on the whole.

Advanced Anti-vibration System

An advanced anti-vibration system also forms a part of the entire system. Given that it does not shake, the machine diminishes fatigue while confers maximum comfort while in use.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Bears a chrome-plated cylinder
  • Connecting rod is made of steel for longer service delivery
  • Delivers excellent support and performance
  • Suitable for both professional and home use
  • Less likely to make you feel tired

Negative Side

  • Emits harmful exhaust gases

#5: Echo Chain Saw, Gas, 12 in. Bar, 26.9CC

ECHO CS-271T 12 In. Chainsaw

Want to enjoy some comfort while making use of the chainsaws? Choose one which bears the anti-vibration handle like this one. It is good if you want to cut for too long!

G-Force Engine Air Pre-CleanerTM

Setting this chainsaw apart from the others is the G-Force Engine Air Pre-CleanerTM feature. This one being strong, does not require that you care for and maintain it now and then. It hence allows for easy use.

Tool-less Air Filter Cover

Its filter cover is engaged without the use of tools. It mounts at the rea and is hence easier to access and come by. This means you will not confront too much effort as you engage it.

Side-access Chain Tensioner

You will definitely have to tension the chain from time to time. Its tensioner, which does that job is located at the side. It hence allows for quick chain adjustments.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Delivers outstanding performances indeed
  • Reduces the efforts needed to pull start out
  • Consumes fewer amounts of oil
  • Its bar length is long enough to impact more matter at a time
  • The fuel tank holds a whopping 8.1 ounces of fuel

Negative Side

  • Demands too much attention on your part

#6: Husqvarna T435 12-Inch 35.2 cc X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw

To save yourself some money, you want to choose and use a chainsaw that consumes a less amount of fuel. This one not only consumes less fuel but also gives off reduced exhaust emissions.

Adjustable Oil Pump

Its oil pump adjusts in such a way as to regulate the flow of the oil. In this way, it allows your machine to conform to the varying weather, and the associated energy needs.


The machine relies on the X-Torq to deliver lower consumption of fuel and reduce the emission levels. It also conforms to the prevailing environmental regulations and conditions.

Quick-release Air Filter

Just like every other gas-powered chainsaw, this one also contains many air filters to facilitate the combustion of the gases. Its air filters, however, disengage easily to allow for easy cleaning.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Its tension mechanism is easily accessible
  • Works well in every other season or weather condition
  • Light yet powerful enough to do a good job
  • It is well-balanced and hence operates easily
  • Boasts of a comparatively higher fuel efficiency level

Negative Side

  • May suffocate you owing to the gas emissions

#7: Makita HCU02C1 36V Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw Kit

Makita HCU02C1 36V Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw Kit

In case you are in an environment sensitive to noise, you want a chainsaw that runs on batteries and emits less noise. This one is even better because its carbon footprint is also negligible.

Rubberized Soft Grip

At the top of the handle is some suberized soft grip. The role of this is to make your contacts smooth and comfortable. It hence allows for the realization of more consistent cutting pressure.

Adjustable Automatic Bar and Chain Lubrication

In the course of your use, maintain the chainsaw in a state of proper functioning. This will require extensive lubrication of the moving parts. A large oil reservoir exists to facilitate and make this possible.

View Window

The large oil filling port exists in this best chainsaw chain for hardwood to keep you posted on the levels of the oil. This way, you will not have to guess when it might be needful for you to restock the oil. It hence guarantees smooth operations throughout.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Delivers optimal cutting speed
  • Increased cutting capacity because of the 12-inch guide bar
  • Adjusts without the need or use for tools
  • Strong enough to ward off frequent maintenance
  • Brakes promptly when the need comes to do so

Negative Side

  • Complex operational and maintenance practices

#8: GLOGLOW 12″ Cordless Gas Chainsaw Petrol Gasoline Chain Saw Wood Cutting Grinding Machine

GLOGLOW 12' Cordless Gas Chainsaw Petrol Gasoline Chain Saw Wood Cutting Grindling Machine with Tool Kit Such as Scythe, Screwdriver, Guide Plate

Travel a lot? We ask that you place your bet on this specific chainsaw. It is compact and also lighter. You will subsequently find it a lot easier to carry around to the remote locations.

Wraparound Handle

Its handle stands apart from the others in the sense that it comes about in a wraparound design. With this kind of handle, the saw is soft and comfortable enough to ensure maximum grip.

Cord Retainer

Some cord retainers come along to fix the cords firmly in place. In this way, they prevent any unintentional disconnections of power crucial for your own long-term needs.

Practical Gasoline Chainsaw System

On the whole, this one is a practical gasoline chainsaw system. It reduces vibrations which delivers maximum comfort while in the course of an engagement. The reduced vibrations also negate any tripping.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Cuts a wider swath of area
  • Takes less time to achieve the desired ends
  • Reduces the levels of fatigue
  • Properly balanced to reduce any strains or discomforts
  • Adjusts and tensions more conveniently

Negative Side

  • Only for the small limb trimming tasks

#9: Farmrtec 25.4cc JonCutter Prowler Puppy Top Handle Arborist Gasoline Chainsaw

Farmertec 25.4cc JonCutter Prowler Puppy Top Handle Arborist Gasoline Chainsaw Power Head Without Saw Chain and Blade

Planning to go cutting wood in a remote location? Well, there is absolutely no need to choose a chainsaw with complicacy and fully fledged. Choose this power head without a saw chain or blade.

Gasoline Power

This chainsaw draws its power from gasoline. It is one which you will use just about any other place or location. Moreover, it also generates higher levels of torque because of this.

Awesome Displacement

Its displacement is also awesome. The chainsaw engine burns 25.4cc and deliver 0.9kw of output energy. You have the benefit of smooth operations and higher operational efficiency.

Seamless Compatibility

With this chainsaw, it is possible to work with many other kinds of equipment. The 3/8 low profile chain and the 12-inch bars are top examples of these. This again goes a long way to make your life easier.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Guarantees smooth operations in remote locations
  • Works alongside many like-minded parts and accessories
  • The awesome power output of 1.2 horsepower
  • Higher speed output of 8,500 revolutions per minute
  • Cuts and trims many kinds of vegetation

Negative Side

  • Harmful gas output

#10: Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC Professional 2-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw Wood Cutting Gasoline Chainsaw

Ridgeyard Petrol Chain Saw Cutting Wood Gas-Powered Chainsaw 25CC 2-Stroke Single Cylinder Light Weight Chain Saw

Do you work in a dusty environment most of the time? You do not want dust particles to choke your engine. That is why you want the one that contains a cleaning air-intake system such as this.

Heavy-duty Forged Crankshaft

Its crankshaft is the one that transmits the torque to the chain bar. It makes the crankshaft of the heavy-duty forged material. This one gives off maximum strength and durability for you.

Low-vibration Design

Though this chainsaw vibrates, its vibration levels are lower. In this way, it makes your operations more comfortable while they also reduce the noise output to an absolute minimum.

Combined Start/Stop Switch

To operate the machine, you will for a large part rely on a combined start/stop switch. This one is easier to use and hence guarantees more convenient operations all throughout.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • The engine does not choke
  • Maintains an excellent balance
  • Highly maneuverable and convenient to engage
  • Makes for easier adjustments and tensioning
  • Has a stronger braking mechanism

Negative Side

  • Lubrication is manual and tedious

#11: Farmertec Holzfforma 35.2cc Holzfforma G111 Top Handle Gasoline Chain Saw

Farmertec Holzfforma 35.2cc Holzfforma G111 Top Handle Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain All Parts are Compatible with MS200T 020T Chainsaw

Do you change locations frequently? Make do with a chainsaw that is light enough to carry around easily. Without wasting much of your time, this is the best chainsaw chain for hardwood we ask that you choose.

Awesome Compatibility

As part of its optimization for remote use, this chainsaw is highly compatible with many parts and tools. This one, in particular, is compatible with the MS200T 020T chainsaw. It gives you some freedom of choice.

Interchangeable Parts

Other than being highly compatible, this chainsaw also bears some interchangeable parts and components. This means that you may use a range of parts yet again.

Excellent Power Head

Lastly comes an excellent powerhead. This is the Holzfforma G111 chainsaw powerhead famed for being tough, thorough, and awesome.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Awesome engine displacement feature
  • Lighter in weight and easier to engage
  • Strong power head delivers awesome cutting power
  • Its engine consumes limited energy
  • Convenient enough to carry around with ease

Negative Side

  • Incomplete and inconvenient for use

#12: New Echo Top Handle Chain Saw CS-355T 16″ Bar Fast; JM#54574-4565467/341190831

New Echo Top Handle Chain Saw CS-355T 16' Bar Fast ;JM#54574-4565467/341190831

Could it be that you are a career plumber? The chainsaw you choose has to optimize for prolonged use too! Given the strong and robust nature of this one, it is definitely a good starting point.

Handle Angle

It is not uncommon to experience some strains while handling your cutting needs. The manufacturers of this chainsaw understand that fact only too well. Its handle angle exists to confer a natural wrist position to you while cutting.

Palm Rest

A palm rest also comes along to confer added support to your hands. Through this support, you will also derive some leverage which is essential for tackling the most strenuous of tasks.

Reduced-effort Starting System

Last, you will find the equipment relatively easier to start. Other than starting easily, the ignition mechanism also allows for easy applications even when the weather may ordinarily not permit.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • 35.8cc professional-grade engine stroke
  • 2-stroke engine delivers excellent torque
  • Available in 14 and 16-inch bar lengths/li>
  • Adjusts automatically for your own comfort
  • Contoured handles fits smoothly in your hands

Negative Side

  • Only for the experienced user

#13: CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (CMCCS620M1)

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (CMCCS620M1)

The precision cutting tasks require that you know the dimensions required and keep accurate track of the same. This is the best value chainsaw to look up to as they equip it with a bubble level to help with that.

12-inch Compact Design

All factors considered, this chainsaw is small and compact because of measuring a paltry 12 inches only. You will find it quite a reliable tool for cutting in smaller and squeezed spaces.

Tool-free Tensioning

Unlike the many other chainsaws are in existence, this one does not require that you use any tools to tension the chain. Instead, it does so automatically and with no further effort on your part.

High-capacity 4.0Ah Battery Park

It derives its power from a battery pack high in capacity. This is the 4.0Ah battery pack. Being powerful, the battery is more likely to deliver the benefit of extended runtime and maximum cutting power.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Provides longer run times
  • Compatible with many other kinds of tools
  • Cuts in a small and cramped up spaces
  • Determines and showcases the levels
  • Oils itself automatically with no input on your part

Negative Side

  • Requires keen attentiveness to details

#14: EGO Power+ CS1403 56V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw with Battery & Charger Kit, 14-Inch

EGO Power+ CS1403 56V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw with Battery & Charger Kit, 14-Inch

Last in the list,Tough and powerful cutting tasks are unachievable by the weak and ordinary chainsaws. Only one that proved to be powerful may come in handy. It delivers 6,300 revolutions per minute of cutting speed.

Weather-resistant Construction

By its sheer construction, the appliance is highly resistant to weather. You may hence rely on it to perform to your expectations wherever and whenever the circumstance may so determine.

Chain Kickback Brake

A chain kickback brake comes along to aid with putting the appliance to a stop at the conclusion of the cutting exercise. It specially designed to add some safety features and controls as you engage it.

Advanced EGO POWER+ 56V Battery

Finally, an advanced EGO POWER+ 56V battery exists to power the chains. The battery is powerful and less likely to fail when in operations. You will hence enjoy uninterrupted periods of operations.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Delivers some extra power beyond many others
  • Gives off some smooth cutting actions
  • Runs and operates for an extended duration of time
  • Emits limited noise, fumes, and fuss
  • Backed by great customer care

Negative Side

  • Only for professional use and applications

#15: FFMT Gasoline Petrol Chainsaw

Intending to trim and prune branches and limbs? You have this chainsaw for your own use and prioritization. That is because it appropriately suits for these two ends at any time.

22-inch Steel Chain and Bar

At its core is the robust 22-inch steel chain and bars. These further accompanied by tool-less chain tensioners. They jointly offer relative convenience while delivering higher-quality cutting outcomes.

0.9kw/9800 rpm Engine Power

The chains draw their power from the 0.9kw/9800 rpm engines. Thanks to this awesome power, you may count on the device to work faster and make you less tired in doing so.

Smooth-rounded Surfaces

Its surfaces are smooth and rounded. They hence make it possible for you to operate with no further hassles on your part. Again, they will hardly hurt you because of the smooth character.

Quick Comparison

Positive Side

  • Simpler to ignite and spark
  • Reduced vibrations bring about added comfort
  • Useful for and by many cadres of professionals
  • Lowe fuel consumption rating
  • Smaller and more compact

Negative Side

  • Cannot handle tougher incidences of use

What Are the Best Chainsaw Brands

Now a days there are plenty of chainsaw manufacturer in the market,specially along with reknown brands, you will get many affordable chainsaw yet reliable brands.Let me list down few below

  • HItachi
  • Makita
  • Echo
  • Farmertec
  • Craftsman
  • Poulan Pro
  • Black Decker (Black & Decker)

Types Of Chainsaw

There are three main kinds of chainsaws, namely:

Cordless Electric Chainsaw

These are powered by batteries and can hence used just about anywhere. Charge it constantly though to maintain the level of charge and guarantee smooth operations. They are quieter though.

Corded Electric Chainsaw

The corded electric chainsaw derives their power from the mains electricity. They are equally quiet and exude awesome power. You cannot use them far away from the main house because of the limited range though.

Gas-Powered Chainsaw

As the name implies, the gas-powered derive their power from gas. They are cheaper to operate and maintain. Their most serious downside is the fact that they emit harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

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Components Of Chainsaw

It is the chain that contains the cutter teeth. When powered, the chains move the teeth on the surface of the material to cut it.

Chain Catcher

This is a guard, usually made of plastic or metal, which shields the operator from direct contact with the dust and debris that arise in cutting.


A clutch plays the role of joining the engine to the sprocket of the chain. It transmits the torque from the motor to the chains and also regulates the speed of cutting.

Chain Brake

To put the chainsaw to a complete halt, engage the chain brake. This one works much like the brake of a scooter and prevents any possibility of straying off the mark.


With use, the chains will often get too loose to the extent of not being able to serve the purpose intended. It is the tensioners that return the chains to their original tautness and let them perform well.

Start/ Stop Switch

As the name suggests, the start/stop switch will give you the power to turn the equipment on and off. Most require that you use your thumb and are hence hassle-free to operate.

Hand Guard

The safety of your hands is also important as you operate the chainsaw. This is because the hands are in closer contact with the moving parts of the chainsaw. The hand guard provides the protection you need.

Top Handle Chainsaw Brands

Many companies manufacture the chainsaw. Below are the top companies that do this, at the moment:


Stihl is a German company, which manufactures several power tools and equipment. Among these are the blowers and the trimmers. This is a brand you want to run to if you are barely getting started in pruning and trimming. The products are simpler to comprehend and engage.


The Makita Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of power tools. Though it handles and makes many kinds of equipment, it is mainly great at those batteries power that. The batteries last longer and take on chores that are strenuous for the ordinary kinds of tools.


This is a Swedish-owned and based equipment manufacturer. The company makes many kinds of trimmers, chainsaws, and garden equipment. In case you like gas-powered equipment, we ask that you look no further to this brand. You will get more reliable performances given the excellent track record.


Hitachi yet again is a Japanese Corporation. The company has noted to produce equipment which exudes awesome power and output performances. If you have some thick trunks and fully grown-up large trees to care for, this is the brand to place your bet on. It will do you some good!


Have some special liking for gas-powered equipment? The DeWalt yet again is the brand to look up to. This American multinational corporation experienced regarding matters gas-powered tools. Be ready to part with higher amounts of money though given its premium stature. You will receive a higher value for money.


Rounding up the list of the top brands is the Tanaka Power Equipment. Though all-rounded, this company has a unique specialization and liking for gas-powered equipment. It is yet again one to consider if you too have a passion for such kinds of tools. Its range of products is cheaper though.

How To Choose Top Handle Chainsaw


The best top handle arborist chainsaw has to measure up to your desired levels of performance. This determined by the kinds of the trees whether small trees or large you want to take on, the exact nature of the job, and the amount of power you are looking at. Carry out a thorough inspection of your own desires first.

Convenience of Use

It packs these chainsaws with loads of operational parts and buttons. The controls and operational parts require varying degrees of expertise to engage. You do not want to lay your hands on a tool which is too complicated for your level. That is why you want to look for that which is easily operable.

Duration and Frequency of Use

How often do you plan to use the chainsaw? And for how long would you wish that the chainsaw lasts? The top handle chainsaw based on this consideration has to take you the furthest and last the longest duration of time. These two are only realizable if the parts that make the chainsaw up are strong, tough and durable.

Bar Length

The bar length refers to the length of the bar which holds the chain that eventually cuts through the materials. A good chainsaw has to possess a longer bar length. This way, it will be possible to cut a larger area. You will save some of your time in doing so too!


Your own expertise comes in. That is because it designs different saws for different cadres of users. It is imperative that you match the right saw with your own level of expertise to ensure hassle-free operations. Doing this requires a fair honesty as most people tend to over-exaggerate their expertise.

Scope of Task

All factors considered, the chainsaws can perform many kinds of chores and tasks. Among these are pruning, cutting, trimming, shaping, and chopping. Yet again, determine exactly what you want to make of your chainsaw. This is necessary to prevent any confusions and guarantee that you perform the task well.

Power Source

You already know of the fact that these chainsaws derive their power from three main sources. These are gas, battery, and solar power. As part of your search for the right chainsaw, determine exactly the power source you are comfortable with.


Last, when we say and do all, whether you may gain a chainsaw depends on just how much money you have in your possession. It is because of this that you want to factor your own financial resource endowment. Look for that equipment affordable to you.

Top Handle Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

Store properly

Most times, these pieces of equipment sustain dirt, dust, and rust while in storage. It is hence vital that you store yours in proper storage space and conditions. In particular, keep moisture and humidity away.

Inspect the Spark Plugs

Spark plugs, whereas vital to the operations of the chainsaw, are not without their share of potential downsides. They are prone to dirt, disconnections, and corrosion. Check them from time to time to see that they are in proper working conditions.

Lubricate the moving parts often

With use, the moving parts suffer from friction and lose their reliability. This may occasionally cause fires which might disparage the entire system. You do not want this to happen to you at all. That is why you have to lubricate the moving parts frequently.

Clean the needle and intake parts of the carburetor

The carburetor is the core of the motor of a gas-powered chainsaw. It is the one that mixes the fuel with the air to burn it. The part has to keep in a robust operational state. This, you do, by cleaning the needles and the intake parts as they are the most vulnerable.

Clean and sharpen the blades

Last, clean and sharpen the blades of the chainsaws. You will rely on a file to do this job. In doing so, be slow and meticulous as the blades may most likely cut your hands and fingers. Call in an expert if you are uncertain.

Why A Top Handle Chainsaw Can Fail

Top handle chainsaws can fail for several reasons. Below are the top reasons that may underlie such failures:

Insufficient Fuel

First of all, Chainsaws are definitely powered. They derive their power from batteries, gas and solar. In case the fuel or the power runs out, the saws might never keep cutting.

Faulty Circuit

For a chainsaw running smoothly, everything has to be right. A faulty circuit is hence another common cause of the malfunctions. This especially affects the battery-powered variants.

Metal Fatigue

With time, the metallic components of the best top handle arborist chainsaw may also lose their strength and wear out. If this happens, the chainsaw will eventually cease to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use a top handle chainsaw for ground operation?

Not really, as a general rule, the top handle chainsaws is only suitable for off ground operations. You must only make do with the rear-handled saws whenever you are tackling a chore on the ground.

What is the chainsaw certification? Why it is necessary?

This is an official permit which proves that it allows the bearer to gain and use the chainsaw. Many jurisdictions require certification to guarantee the safety of the public. These chainsaws are potentially dangerous and may inflict some harm when handled recklessly.

Which is better a top handle or a rear handle chainsaw?

All factors considered, the top handle chainsaws are the best options for the experienced arborists and users. That is because they are tougher and more complicated to use. They also handle those otherwise complex chores with relative ease.

How safe is a chainsaw?

They equip Many chainsaws with a range of safety gears and parts. Among these are anti-vibration designs, eye protection, chain brakes, chain catchers, throttle locks, stop buttons, and the right-hand guards. Together, they see you appropriately protected from all the fiery darts.

What type of material/wood you can cut with top handle chainsaw

The top handle chain saw is very strong and powerful. It can cut just about every other wood. Among these are the soft and the hardwood, respectively. It can also cut across and along the grains for your easy use and peace of mind.

Who makes Tanaka chainsaws?

As the name suggests, the Tanaka chainsaws manufactured by the Tanaka Corporation. This is now a subsidiary of the Hitachi Group of Companies. This brand is famed for producing equipment of higher quality. Prioritize the brand in your search for the right kinds of saws.

What is the lightest chainsaw?

Of all the major kinds of chainsaws, the STIHL MS 150 C-E has noted to be the lightest. This lightness draws from the Aluminum material construction which is also sturdy. You will also enjoy the benefit of using this saw for implementing many kinds of applications.

is Hitachi chainsaws any good?

Definitely, they are! Many of its tools are professional grade and will hence take on chores are ordinarily beyond the scope and reach of many other kinds of brands. That is because they make the saws of parts that are very strong, resilient, and long-lasting.

How much does it cost for a chainsaw?

To purchase a good chain saw, you should be ready and willing to part with $150, give or take. The prices depend on the source of fuel and the exact needs for which they intend the saws. Those gas powers are by far the most expensive.

Is a chainsaw a power tool?

YES, it is! In its entirety, the chainsaw comes along with all the features and parts that make for a power tool. Among these are the motor, fuel source, and a drive chain. In fact, many jurisdictions label it appropriately as a power tool and even govern it.


WOW! Our long and tedious guide ends there,don’t miss to read it before buying a chainsaw. We now challenge you to vary on from where we have stopped. This can only take two forms. You either select a best top handle chainsaw from the list above or use the buying guide as the basis of finding the right one.

The contributions these equipments make to your own safety and comfort are too huge to be forfeited. That is why emphasize that you consider incorporating the equipment as part of your household equipment collections even if you have no immediate need for the same. All the best as you contemplate making the first move!

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