Best UV Light for Urine Detection

Best UV Light for Urine Detection

Detecting urine, whether it is in a carpet, a bed, or any other area that can absorb fluid, can be a pretty stressful and time consuming task. Something like this should not take much time, but if you do not have the right kind of technology, it often takes a lot longer than necessary.

This is because of a couple of things. First, the current UV light you have may not detect everything that needs to be detected. This can be frustrating as you will often find something that needs to be cleaned, clean it, and then find something else directly after. This is what makes things time consuming. Second, the UV light you possess may detect something completely different than urine. It may detect other stains, and that can be an issue.

5 UV Lights Reviews

1. TaoTronics Black Light, UV Flashlights 51 Ultraviolet Urine Detector for dogs

TaoTronics TT-FL002 Black Light, 51 LEDs Uv Blacklight Flashlights Detector for Dry Pets Urine & Stains & Bed Bug with Free Uv Sunglasses & 3 Free AA Batteries, Purple

There is a lot more to UV Flashlights than the flashlight itself. When it comes to detecting urine or other undesirable bodily fluids, sometimes more than a UV flashlight is necessary. The TaoTronics UV flashlight comes with a lot of things other than the flashlight itself, and this is what makes it stand out from other UV flashlights in a good way. It comes with UV sunglasses, which make it even easier to detect such things. It can also detect other things, such as pests that hide in small spaces such as bedbugs. It is even possible to detect reptiles who utilize camouflage with the TaoTronics UV flashlight, such as scorpions and chameleons. It is also extremely powerful, utilizing 51 LED lights. This illuminates things in much greater detail.

One of many issues that the TaoTronics UV light has is that it can only detect dried urine. This can be a problem because in many cases, urine can take some time to dry. It also may be difficult to use on a reflective surface, so this could also be a problem. Also, because it has so many LED lights attached to it, the TaoTronics UV light uses a lot of energy. With the three AA batteries it comes with, it can last up to three hours. While this is a negligible issue for people who own smaller homes with only one or two pets, this could present a major problem for anyone who owns a larger home with many pets. Finally, the TaoTronics UV light does not work nearly as well on cat urine as it does on the urine from a dog. So if you own a cat, you may need to look elsewhere.

2. UV Flashlight Led Blacklight Pet Urine & Stain Detection

LED Black Light UV Flashlight, WJZXTEK Super Bright 100 LED 395NM Powerful Ultraviolet Blacklight Pet Urine Detector Light with UV Sunglasses for Dog Urine, Scorpions, and Bed Bugs

There may be not be a more powerful UV flashlight on the market than the Firstbuy blacklight. Using one hundred LED lights, it is almost guaranteed that it will detect not only urine, but almost any stain created by almost any being. It can detect insects and reptiles that are really good at hiding. If you need to find every detail of a urine stain, the Firstbuy blacklight will indisputably do this. Additionally, the LED lights in the blacklight last a very, very long time. Each LED lasts at least 12 years. The Firstbuy blacklight will last very long and it will allow you to find anything.

All of this power comes at a price. And that price is six AA batteries. And these are not included. While it is extremely powerful, the Firstbuy blacklight is extremely costly to use. In addition to this, the batteries do not go directly into the blacklight. They go into battery holders. This can make the process of installing the batteries pretty annoying. Also, it is fairly uncomfortable to carry around. This is due to the size of it. The fact that it has 100 LED bulbs on the end of it gives it a pretty awkward design. The head of the backlight is really wide, but the shaft of it is not nearly as wide. This may seem shallow, but it is worth mentioning. And finally, it does not come with UV glasses, so you will either need a pair to use it, or you will need to use it from a distance this way you do not hurt your eyes.

3. UV Flashlight Pet Urine Detector by Doggone Pet Products – Blacklight

Doggone Pet Products Black Light Ultra Violet Urine Detector 12 LED Flashlight - Finds Dry Dog & Cat Stains on Carpets, Tiles & Timber Floors. Alkaline Batteries Included

Sometimes it is not necessary to possess a massive blacklight with dozens upon dozens of LED lights. In some cases, it is a better option to possess a smaller blacklight. The perfect case for this is if you have smaller animals that you know may not produce as much urine as a larger animal. The Doggone blacklight sets itself apart from other blacklights because it is so small. About the same size as a tactical flashlight, it is much easier to carry and easier to use than its massive counterparts. It also comes with UV glasses this way there is no need to worry about any harm to your eyes. The glasses also have a high contrast, which improves stain detection as well. It also requires three AAA batteries, which are included. This means you do not need to worry about finding your own batteries, which is another good thing.

The only thing that may not be the most appealing about the Doggone blacklight is also related to its size. It will not detect stains in as much detail as the bigger blacklights with dozens of LED bulbs, so it is specifically designed for smaller stains. Because it is small and looks familiar to a tactical flashlight, it can often be mistaken for a tactical flashlight. Although this is a very shallow and in many ways negligible to many, it is still an issue.

4. UV Flashlight Black light UV Lights, Vansky 51 LED Ultraviolet Blacklight Pet Urine Detector For Dog/Cat

UV Flashlight Black light, Vansky 51 LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector For Dog/Cat Urine,Dry Stains,Bed Bug, Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator

One thing that can turn people off from a blacklight with a lot of LED bulbs is that they are often very oversized and difficult to carry. The designs on these kinds of blacklights do not lend themselves to having a user friendly design. The Vansky blacklight has solved this issue with a design that resembles a tactical flashlight. It may be slightly larger than a tactical flashlight, but it still has the design of a blacklight. Different than some blacklights, it can detect almost anything as well. Some blacklights cannot detect cat urine, but the Vansky blacklight can.

There are a couple of issues that the Vansky blacklight have. The first of these is that it only detects dry urine, and not wet urine. This means there is still guesswork to be done when detecting urine that has not dried out yet. While this is in many cases negligible, it could be an issue in some cases, having a lot of solid flooring in the home instead of carpet, to provide an example. The Vansky blacklight also has issues when it comes to dark color carpets. Because the blacklight detects stains in terms of color, it may at times match the color of a carpet.

5. Black Light UV Flashlight UV Light Urine Detector For Dog/Cat/Pet

Black Light UV Flashlight,Vansky Blacklight 12 LED Urine Detector For Dog/Cat/Pet Urine & Dry Stains and Bed Bug On Carpets/Rugs/Floor,Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator

Despite its underwhelming size, the Vansky 12 LED blacklight is still very useful for detecting urine stains. Although it only has 12 LED bulbs, it can still detect what it needs to detect, especially when it comes to small areas in small households. One other thing that the Vansky 12 LED blacklight also does which sets it apart from other blacklights is that it can reveal fluorescent agents that can be harmful aside from the other stains that the traditional blacklights can find. The Vansky 12 LED blacklight requires three AAA batteries, which are included.

In some instances, the Vansky 12 LED blacklight does not promise what it does. Some users have reported that the blacklight does not detect cat urine, or in most cases, does not detect all of it. This means that some extra effort may need to be put forth when detecting cat urine to clean. Unlike the other blacklights that are provided by Vansky, they do not come with any kind of glasses that assist in detecting stains.


From what has been covered above, there are different UV blacklights for different uses. In order to determine which one is best for you, consider the following characteristics of blacklights. First, check to see how much light you need relative to the size of your home and the size of the stains. Do you need a massive blacklight with 100 LED bulbs? Or just a small one with only 12? Some of these blacklights come with UV glasses. Are they necessary for what you are using the blacklight for? Also, prepare batteries accordingly, and understand that bigger blacklights will require bigger batteries.

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