LED Replacement Guide for Halogen Bulbs

halogen bulb replacement

Replacing old light bulbs with new ones is a matter of saving energy, saving money, saving yourself the trouble of having to change these bulbs all the time and having a source of light on your premises that will be as close to the natural light as possible. In recent decades, there’s been a notable … Read more

How Bright is a Lumen

lumen brightness scale

When it comes to understanding how bright something is, we often use units that are not directly describing the light intensity, but rather the units showcasing how much power we need to make the source of light shine. For example, the most common way of buying light bulbs would be to check their wattage, because … Read more

Lumen Brightness Scale

lumens vs watts chart

In the bright and shiny world of light bulbs, the word lumen holds a rather special place as it can be used to determine the degree of luminosity of various bulbs. In other words, lumens are the internationally recognized unit measuring brightness, so the more lumens a light bulb emits, the brighter it shines. Now, … Read more

Best Lumen Flashlight Reviews

best gun flashlight

If there is one commendable attribute about AR 15, it will surely be linked down to the accessories available for it. Since it plays a vital role in tactical weapon, and as well as self-defense, there is a regular necessity for lights when it comes to this. This should be useful enough for a carbine or … Read more

Best Long Throw Flashlight Reviews

Best long throw flashlight

Anyone who does spends significant amounts of time outside at night knows that they need a powerful flashlight to help them see things from really far distances. They know that they need to consider many, many things when selecting a throw flashlight for the things they are doing in the pitch black area, whether it … Read more

Best Fenix Flashlight Reviews

best fenix tactical flashlight

Portable light sources have come a long way in their development. Even something as simple as a mechanic’s flashlight now have many uses and settings, and it is more possible than ever for them to have multiple long term uses. However, these developments can leave someone who needs a flashlight very overwhelmed. It is important … Read more

Best Penlight for Mechanics

best penlight for mechanics

The concept of a mechanic flashlight, or any kind of flashlight, is not as simple as it could be. Because they have dozens of uses, there also exist dozens of reasons for owning a mechanic flashlight. Different than most other flashlights that just provide a concentrated area of light to shine on certain things, mechanic … Read more

Best UV Light for Urine Detection

urine detector light

Detecting urine, whether it is in a carpet, a bed, or any other area that can absorb fluid, can be a pretty stressful and time consuming task. Something like this should not take much time, but if you do not have the right kind of technology, it often takes a lot longer than necessary. This … Read more

How to Take Care of the Car’s Lighting System

Car Lighting System Maintenance

The system of lighting or lighting of the vehicle is one of the most important elements of safety in cars. Our road safety will depend largely on its good condition. However, there are still many drivers who neglect the maintenance of the car’s lighting system. Not in vain, the area in which more serious defects were detected in … Read more

Types of PVC piping

This type of pipe is used as a substitute for aluminum and copper piping on unclean water. Substituting pipes made of metal are used in irrigation systems, pool circulation, and waste lines. This is because it is impermeable to degradation and corrosion from sources that are biological-based. It is a long-lasting product that is applied … Read more